12 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Seattle SEO Consultant


If you’re a business that has wasted a ton of money with a Seattle SEO agency that just built useless spammy links that accomplished nothing to build your rankings and traffic, sit back and turn off your iPod or TV or whatever you’ve got playing in the background so you can pay attention and really focus on reading this report.

No… I’m not going to go into a big rant about ethics or SEO seattle companies that promise the world and deliver crap. That’s not going to help you at this point. That money is gone and there’s no bringing it back, but don’t feel bad. You hired an SEO Seattle expert because you’re not an SEO expert. You needed help to boost your business in the search engines and SEO done the right way can bring you just the profits you seek. You still need SEO, you just need to hire the RIGHT Seattle SEO consultant the next time around.

That’s why I’m going to help you NOT make the same mistake in the future by giving you some questions to ask BEFORE you hire another Seattle SEO expert.

1. Can You Tell Me Exactly What You Will Do To Boost My Rankings And Traffic?

A good Seattle SEO company WILL tell you exactly how they’ll go about improving your search engine rankings and traffic. If your prospective SEO company tries to avoid the question or they don’t want to offer up their methodology, MOVE ON! A Seattle SEO expert will have no problem giving you this information on the spot… NO “I’ll have to get back to you” and NO “It’s a secret. We don’t give that information out.” Avoid any Seattle SEO services provider using spammy or questionable tactics or you’ll be in the same boat as you are now with useless links that accomplish nothing for your website.

2. What Is Your Typical ROI For A Customer Similar To My Business?

A good company can give you a tangible, average ROI that you can turn around and relate to your business. Look for a Seattle SEO agency that can give you solid information, not generic figures. For example:

“In the first sixty days, we generated six laser eye surgery patients at $2,000 each, thirty qualified leads that have scheduled an in-office consultation, and fifty-two email newsletter signups.”


“We increased their traffic 100%.”

3. Do I Retain Total Control And Access To All Of The Accounts You Create For My Business?

Part of the Seattle SEO services you contract should include listings on important business profile websites like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, YellowPages.com, and more. It’s critical to make sure YOU control access to EVERY listing and account created during your Seattle SEO services contract. Why? Because many questionable SEO companies control the admin access to these pages and they’ll only appear online as long as you keep paying them. Not only does this mean you can’t access your own accounts to change and update information, but many SEO companies will even delete your account if you cancel your services. You’ll be right back where you started and everything you paid for will be gone if you don’t retain complete access and control.

4. If I Cancel My Services, Will You Remove All Of The Work You Completed During My Contract?

This is HUGE! Just like with making sure you’ll continue to have access to business listings in directories, make sure your prospective Seattle SEO company will not remove the work you paid for, including links built, website work completed, content written, and more. You don’t want to be held hostage and forced into renewals. Make sure you OWN and have COMPLETE access and control over everything.

5. How Much Involvement And Input Will You Need From Me?

Avoid any Seattle SEO company that says they “don’t need” or “don’t want” your input. While you’re hiring a Seattle SEO consultant for their expertise so you don’t have to learn SEO, you should always be involved. Asking this question will also give you a good idea of the time your prospective Seattle marketing company will need from you. The best Seattle SEO companies will have a list of tactics ready to deploy, but not until after getting your input so they can ensure the best results for your specific business needs.

6. What Techniques Are Considered Spammy?

Good Seattle SEO companies achieve high rankings for their customers using good, legitimate techniques that follow the guidelines of the search engines. This can take some time, but it offers long term rankings that last. Unfortunately, there are a ton of successful SEO companies using spammy techniques that may pay off fast, but that do a lot of harm long term, including getting a website banned from the search engine results altogether. You don’t want to hire a company that practices spammy techniques, but you do want to look for a Seattle SEO consultant that knows about spammy techniques. After all, if your prospective Seattle SEO expert doesn’t know about spammy tactics, he may not have the knowledge to:

Not accidentally practice spammy SEO
Beat the spammers at their own game
7. How Do You Measure The Effectiveness Of An SEO Campaign?

Without tracking for measurability, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to determine whether your Seattle SEO services were successful. You want accountability in a Seattle marketing company that PROVES to you its effectiveness through reports that include proof of rankings increases for each of your targeted terms, proof of traffic increases, proof of visitor actions like sales, phone calls, email signups, and more.

8. How Will You Communicate With Me And Whom Will I Communicate With?

The right Seattle SEO consultant will have a system for communicating with their customers. You should also make sure you’ll communicate with the actual Seattle SEO expert or a real project manager and not an outsourcer, receptionist, or someone that isn’t 100% knowledgeable. You’re paying for expertise and you DESERVE expert communication.

9. Can You Show Me Some Real Representative Results You’ve Achieved For Similar Businesses?

If your prospective Seattle marketing company can’t show you living proof they’ve gotten a customer to the number one spot for a number of competitive terms including how they did it, MOVE ON. It’s easy to say, “We can get your business to the Google #1 spot!” Having proof they’ve done it isn’t quite so easy.

10. Can You Give Me A List Of References I Can Contact Personally And View Online?

Simple enough… if a prospective Seattle SEO company can’t (or won’t) give you references you can not only find online, but also contact in person, MOVE ON.

11. What Is The Most Common Reason Customers Typically Decide Not To Renew With You?

Even the BEST Seattle marketing company will have lost customers through the years. Businesses change their online strategies, they move onto use their cousin Greg who just opened his own Seattle SEO firm, and they even go out of business. Not having a perfect record of customer retention isn’t a red flag. In fact, the best Seattle SEO consultants will be open about their track record. What you want to watch out for is actually a Seattle SEO company saying they’ve never lost a customer or getting defensive when you ask why customers decide to discontinue their services.

12. What Sets Your Seattle SEO Company Apart?

If the answer to this question is something like, “We can get you ranked in the #1 spot for EVERY one of your keywords by tomorrow,” MOVE ON AS FAST AS YOU CAN! Anyone can say that and most of the time it’s not true. You want to hear what they’ve accomplished for similar businesses and how they think they can achieve more for your business than other Seattle SEO companies.

By asking these twelve questions, you WILL choose the right Seattle SEO consultant for you. (And you’ll feel confident about your decision.) No more wasting money on ineffective SEO services… with these questions you’ll have all the information you need to make a profitable decision that gives you rankings that last.